Short Shorts: Grayson Murphy
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Short Shorts: Grayson Murphy
January 20, 2024
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  • Creator: Chris Love Productions
  • Year: 2023
  • Director: Chris Love
  • Producer: Client
  • Camera: Chri Love, Eric Brown
  • Editing: Chris Love
  • Concept: Client
  • Client URL:
  • Client: Saucony
About Project

We’re still fine-tuning Grayson’s role here at the Saucony HQ. Being a reigning World Champion certainly brings undeniable flair, but we’re also focused on clarifying her day-to-day office responsibilities. Anyway, here’s an update on Grayson’s journey so far:

“Grayson is truly dedicated to conquering the trails…perhaps a little too dedicated? We recently experienced an interesting incident during a crucial team Trail meeting. Let’s just say Grayson’s enthusiasm took over. The excitement over Bagel Tuesday? We understand that, who can resist? But the unexpected, MASSIVE mud tracks left on the floor? We think that could’ve been prevented…

Nevertheless, Grayson’s passion for the outdoors continues to inspire us all. We’re confident that with some fine-tuning, her trailblazing spirit will merge harmoniously with our office environment….and cleanliness policy.” – Management

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